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I've been trying to get more into accessories lately. It's no secret that I'm pretty lazy when it comes to my style and so accessorizing doesn't appeal to me all too much. HOWEVER, when companies like We Are Andrex reach out to me with super cute products as well as the fact that they donate some of...

While I was visiting Kurtis about two months ago, we ended up taking a pretty long drive up PCH to get back to his apartment complex. Going through PCH also meant that we were going the long way through San Francisco and up the coast. We didn't mind, though, because it ended up being one of the pret...

Sunflowers are my favorite flower, so you know that when I saw the sunflower field trend on Instagram I was ALL FOR IT. HOWEVER, living in Southern California, there aren't really any sunflower fields. My sister, Caroline, went to Tanaka Farms, which is a cute farm in Irvine, and told me that they h...

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