I've decided to split our wedding day into two different posts; one where I talk about the day, and the other with the photos (the ones we have so far, at least).

This post is all about our day.

About a week before our wedding, Kurtis's cousin, Cassandra, and her husband, Damion, arrived from Michigan. We actually ended up going to a Keith Urban concert the night they arrived sort of spur of the moment and it was amazing!

A few days later, Kurtis's grandparents arrived. We spent the next few days spending some time with his family. The day before our wedding, Thursday the 11th, Kurtis's mom and siblings arrived from Michigan. On Thursday afternoon, Kurtis drove with his mom and two of his younger siblings while I drove with his sister down to San Diego to our hotels.

I stayed with my best friend, Kendall, and her mom, Heidi, the night before the wedding so that I was close by and wouldn't have to drive two hours to get to the temple on the morning of our wedding. Kurtis stayed with his family in their hotel by the temple.

The morning of our wedding, Kendall and I went to Starbucks to get some food and hot chocolate. Afterward, we just took our time getting ready. I did my own hair and makeup for my wedding.

My family arrived to our hotel a little before we had to get to the temple. I drove with my brother Ryan and my sister Abigail to the temple in mine and Kurtis's car. We all met up in the temple parking lot and then Kurtis and I just prepared to go in. Our sealing was scheduled for 2pm and we had to go into the temple at 12:30pm. The temple actually wasn't busy and so Kurtis and I sort of breezed through our wedding day and temple ceremony. Multiple temple workers noted how relaxed, easy-going, and fast we were with getting things together and getting our ceremony done.

I attribute the fact our ceremony was so quick (all in all, our actual ceremony only lasted about 25 minutes with just some waiting time since we were way ahead of schedule) to the fact we had such a small, intimate wedding.

We also waited quite a while after our ceremony inside the temple since my sister Caroline and her daughters (sorry to call you out Caroline) were a little late getting to the temple and we didn't want to miss them exiting the temple and everyone cheering.

It was nice that Kurtis and I got to have a few minutes for ourselves, though. We soaked in the fact that we were (FINALLY) married--SEALED--to each other for eternity! We were just beyond happy!

Once everyone was ready for us to come out and make our grand entrance, we exited the temple! We gave our hugs and everyone cheered and then we began taking photos. We took photos with our families and guests on the temple grounds. After photos with them, they all left to go relax for a little bit while Kurtis and I took our photos together outside of the temple.

After we finished taking our photos, we drove to Islands--which is a surfer vibe burger restaurant--and had dinner with our families. Once dinner was over, we left in our Jeep to drive up to Dana Point to stay the night at the RITZ CARLTON! Kendall's parents, Heidi and Dave, gifted us a night at the hotel for our wedding present. AND IT WAS EVERYTHING!

Dave even had some treats like chocolate covered strawberries put into the room for us.

Because so many have asked, here are the details of our vendors and such for our wedding:

Dress: BHLDN

SUIT: ASOS (shoulder pad and button customizations by me)






What a perfect day.



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