WHY we got married so quickly:

Last post I told you all about HOW Kurtis and I managed a short engagement. Now I’m going to tell you all WHY we had a short engagement.

Basically, because we wanted. Kurtis and I have been together for 2 1/2 years and knew we would marry each other about a month into our relationship. We wanted to pull the trigger many times over the course of our relationship, but never seemed to have the right timing since Kurtis did a few odd jobs (including trucking) We also wanted to be sure we were responsible and financially stable enough to take the leap. So, we got engaged September 18, 2018 and married October 12, 2018.

WHY did we get married so quickly? No, not because of a pregnancy. In our church, we practice abstinence until marriage so that definitely wasn’t even a possibility.

It was just “time.” We didn’t want a super long engagement, knew a wedding around the holidays would be difficult with our families living on opposite ends of the country, and Kurtis would be returning to school in January and I didn’t want to move with him if we weren’t married.

So, October 12th became our date. We booked the temple immediately and rolled with it. I chose October 12th because 12 is our “number.” Kurtis asked me to be his girlfriend on the 12th of June 2 years ago and I just liked the idea of keeping it the 12th.

Also. We’re just two kids in love! Could you blame us for wanting to get married quickly?!

That pretty much explains WHY. Too short of an explanation? Well, that’s it. There’s really nothing much else other than what I’ve said.

Next post, I’ll be sharing a little secret with you all that a lot of you don’t know about us getting married all of a sudden.

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As always, thank you for letting me use this space as a creative outlet! You have no idea how much I appreciate it.



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