Hi hi! Told you all we had a secret! Are you ready? Is the anticipation killing you? Would you hate me if I didn’t tell you and this was all just clickbait?

It’s not, don’t worry.

So, what’s the secret?

Kurtis and I were engaged for longer than you all know.

What? How? What’s the story?!

I’ll tell you!

At the end of July, Kurtis was visiting his family in Michigan for his brother’s Michigan wedding reception since he had gotten married in April.

Late on the night of July 31st, Kurtis and I were on the phone just chatting since we had been doing long distance.

A little after midnight on August 1st, Kurtis asked “Why aren’t we married yet?” I just said that I didn’t know and he replied by saying that we should just get married. So, that night we talked a little more and decided that we were “engaged” and getting married October 12th and that was that.

It was all just so simple for us. We wanted to get married so we decided to get married. 

If you read back to my engagement post on how he asked then you’d know that I knew he was proposing. And now you know why. We were already engaged. Our families and some friends knew, but the majority of people didn’t. 

Why was the day he proposed the last possible day he could propose? Because our photographer was arriving that night to take not only our engagement photos, but our bridals over the next few days.

Please satisfy me by saying how sneaky I was. 

Kurtis obviously could’ve proposed anytime he wanted and I obviously would’ve said yes, but in true Kurtis fashion, he managed to do something last minute that was still so romantic and perfect in every way. 

So simple. So perfect. Boy do I love him. 

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Thanks for reading along with me reliving my favorite story. 



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