HOW we managed a short engagement:

Here I am, at the gym on a Saturday night walking on a treadmill cause I’m too lazy to do a more intense workout today. So I figured I might as well multi-task and write some posts.

I’ve been putting off writing anything about mine and Kurtis’s engagement, wedding, etc., for a few reasons. The first, I honestly had no idea how to put into words all of the details about it all, especially because it happened so fast. The second being that I just wanted to enjoy the process and take some time enjoying being married.

I finally have an idea of how I want to write about it all. Sorry to say, but you’re not going to get all the details in a single post. I’ve got a lot to say and there’s just no way it could all fit into one post without becoming a novel.

I have received so many messages regarding everything about my wedding. Perhaps the biggest one has been “Why did you guys get married so quickly after your engagement?” For those of you that haven’t read our engagement story, click here.

One of my favorite details about us getting married is our engagement and why we decided to have such a quick wedding. I have to apologize again, but that post is going to have to wait.

Instead, I decided this post is going to be HOW we were able to get married so quickly after getting engaged.

I’ve heard so many people say that the most stressful part of getting married is the planning process. I’ve also had married friends say that if they could do it over again, they’d elope or they’d have a much more intimate wedding than what they had.

For the 2 1/2 years that Kurtis and I have been together, elopement was a pretty tempting idea to us. Neither of us like huge celebrations and knew we didn’t want to have a big wedding nor did we want to pay for one. We decided early that if we got married it would be on our dime and not on either of our families.

Well, somehow the stars aligned and Kurtis and I were making decent money and were able to pull off a small, intimate wedding, FOR LESS THAN 3,000 DOLLARS. That number includes every bit of our wedding as well as our honeymoon.

Details on how we managed an “affordable” wedding in another post.

I’d like to think that I am a very determined person who gets stuff done. Growing up, I also really enjoyed party planning and so I consider myself particularly gifted in being able to pull off a wedding fairly quickly.

In fact, Kurtis and I planned our wedding in one day. Yup, you read that right, ONE DAY. We sat on the phone for a few hours, decided what we wanted for our small wedding, paid for the majority of it right then and there, and then got on the phone to get the rest of the details sorted—most importantly, the LDS temple we wanted.

To say wedding planning was stressful for Kurtis and I just wasn’t true. And I’m not saying that to brag or anything. Your wedding is about you and your future spouse. Kurtis and I recognized that and decided that we were going to do everything according to what we wanted and weren’t going to accommodate for people. That may sound selfish, but I believe your wedding day is probably the one day you have the right to be selfish for.

So, how did we manage such a quick engagement? Well, we were able to focus on ourselves and our desires for our wedding day, had our budget and stuck to it, planned our wedding around our goal date and planned accordingly in regards to flowers, dress, etc., AND, the majority of it was in my hands. Another HUGE help was all of our friends and family that made sure everything was going how we wanted and that came together to celebrate us.

If I may say, I’m just a little too controlling to let other people try to take the reigns over aspects of such a special day.

Another huge reason we were able to do such a quick wedding was that we really only cared about the ceremony, which took place in the San Diego LDS Temple, our clothes, my flowers, our honeymoon, and what was most important to us—photography and videography.

Those were basically the only aspects we cared about. We didn’t even have a reception—just a dinner at a restaurant afterwards with our families.

So, that’s HOW we managed such a quick engagement; we focused on ourselves and our desires and stuck to them.

If I may, weddings should be about the couple. I feel like that should mean they should be however the couple wants; whether that’s a big celebration, an intimate ceremony, or an elopement. Like I said, the wedding day is the one day I believe couples have a “pass” to be selfish. Boy, did I take advantage of that!

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Thanks for reading!



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