If you haven't seen my Instagram lately.... I'M ENGAGED! "Whoa, Lauren, what?! You and Kurtis have been dating forever! It's about time." Yeah, I know. 2 1/2 years later we're FINALLY engaged!

Now, there's actually a REALLY funny story (sorta) behind us getting engaged and married, but I'm saving that for another post. Hehehehe.

For this post, I'm just going to share specifically about how Kurtis proposed... and just a spoiler: Yes, I knew.

So, last Tuesday, September 18th, I was running some errands (getting my nails done, etc.). While I was at the nail salon, my friend Kendall texted me asking if I'd go to a fitting for a photoshoot with her later that day. I declined because I was already stressed about all the errands and stuff I had to do. A couple hours later, I was running errands with Kurtis and he said "So Kendall told me you bailed on her." I told him yes and why, and then he made a comment that he thought I should go. It was then I realized that Kendall was just making an excuse to get me away from everyone so that Kurtis could propose.

Just a little note, I KNEW it had to happen that day for reasons I"ll explain in another post, but basically it was the last possible day Kurtis had available to propose to me.

So I played along and agreed to go with Kendall. She took me to Fashion Island in Newport Beach where we just walked around and got some juice from Pressed Juicery (my first time there, and to be honest I thought every juice I tasted had very strong hints of dirt).

So then Kendall finally gets the OK to head to Corona del Mar to the beach where Kurtis and my brother Ryan had been setting up, and we walked around and waited for them to be all ready.

We finally walk towards the part of the beach where Kurtis was waiting for me. It was sunset, he had laid towels on the sand with red rose petals spread around and candles in mason jars (that weren't actually lit because he brought the wrong lighter... he was not happy with himself about it.

So I walk up to him and Kendall and my brother were taking photos and videos with both my camera and my phone. Kurtis greeted me and asked what I had been up to, where I then (being the awkward person I am) told him that I drank dirt juice.

THEN, Kurtis got down on one knee, said my full name, and asked me to marry him. SO SIMPLE. Loved it! Even though I knew it was happening, I was still a little in shock that there was my dream guy with my dream ring on one knee asking me to marry him. My reply was "of course." To which he still jokes about.. but I told him that I realized I said "of course" instead of "yes" and so I mumbled "yes" after I said "of course" to kind of fix it, but he didn't hear it. Oh well. I think it's funny, and he even captioned his post announcing our engagement saying "She said 'of course.'" Right after he proposed, Jack Johnson's "Better Together" started playing and it was just the best!

Afterward we just took some photos on the beach, drank some sparkling cider, and watched the sunset.

Here are photos of our proposal! Don't hate me, but I've decided to keep the video a little private for now just because I haven't even had the chance to watch it and be obsessed with it yet! It'll definitely be posted another time!


That is our engagement story! I hope you enjoyed it and as always, I am so grateful for all of you and for your constant support!

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