It's 5:30am my time and I just finished working online. For those of you that don't know, I work online as an ESL instructor for one of my jobs. I have to wake up SUPER early since I teach kids in China and China is about 14 hours ahead of me. Not going to lie, between this job's crazy hours and working another job, I've been EXHAUSTED lately! I haven't been able to sleep that well and have also been sick for over a week (the lack of sleep has prevented me from resting well enough), so that explains my lack of posts.

I am here with you today to share with you what is probably my MOST REQUESTED POST I've ever had! SO MANY OF YOU sent me DMs and comments on my Instagram asking how I trained my hair to be able to go sooooooo long (I usually wash once a week), so I'm here to share with you the info on how! To be honest, it is fairly straightforward; however, at first your hair will probably be SUPER oily! So, you're going to have to push through the oily-ness in order to get it trained to not need to be washed that often.

So let's start by saying that washing your hair often is actually SUPER BAD for your hair! Washing your hair often actually strips it of the natural oils that help keep your hair healthy, strong, shiny, etc. Some of you may say that you wash everyday because otherwise your hair gets oily after one day, but it's supposed to! The more you wash your hair, the oily you're going to make it. Similar to skin, when you over-wash, it causes the body to produce EVEN MORE oils than it needs to make up for the fact that you're over-washing and therefore stripping your hair (or skin) of its natural oils that are essential to keep it healthy!

SO, get used to the oil for a little bit!

NOW, here are my pretty straightforward tips on how I trained my hair to only need a wash once a week that you can do, too! Keep in mind, that as I said, your hair WILL BE super oily at first! It's all part of the process!

To start, I used to have super oily hair. I would wash it everyday because it always got oily and I thought that that's what I was supposed to do. WRONG.

About two years ago, I decided to take better care of my hair and so I decided to train it to not need frequent washes. To begin, only wash your hair every two-to-three days. Then, after about two weeks doing this, go longer to about 4 or 5. Eventually, you'll be able to train it to go about a week in between washes! It should take about a month for your hair to get used to this. HOW SIMPLE IS THAT? That's really all there is to it! Just DON'T WASH YOUR HAIR no matter how much you may want to!

Some extra tips:

-Use dry shampoo BEFORE doing anything sweaty (like working out). Putting dry shampoo in BEFORE getting your hair sweaty or anything allows for the dry shampoo to actually soak up the sweat and oil you produce and therefore will help your hair not be oily longer.

-DON'T use dry shampoo until about day 3. You may want to use dry shampoo on day one or two, but DON'T. Using it too early will prevent your hair from getting used to the natural oils its producing! For reference, I usually won't put dry shampoo in my hair until about day 5.

-Wear your hair up at night and when your hair gets super oily! Wearing my hair up at night prevents it from getting tangled (braids are my fave) and also seems to help prevent it from getting super oily while I sleep. ALSO! Wearing your hair up about day 3 or 4 when you're training it (usually about day 6 or 7 for me) will help prevent your hair from feeling mega oily and also keep you from the urge of washing it too soon.

-Use a hair mask about once a week on the ENDS of your hair! Don't wash it, just get the ends of your hair wet and put on a hair mask. Let it sit for however long it says, and rinse it out. This will keep your ends healthy but also keep you from over-washing!

-Wear your hair natural the first few days. For me, I have very natural wavy hair. What I do is I'll wash my hair at night, put it up, and wear it natural for about 3 days. After that, I'll either braid it to keep the waves intact, keep it natural (if it's still looking good that way) or I'll use my fave 1/2 inch curler from Bedhead that you can find HERE!

-BE PATIENT!!!!!!!!! Just know that it takes time for your hair to get used to not needing a wash too often! Everyone's hair is different so for some people it might take a shorter amount of time while for others it may take longer.

Those are my tips! They're honestly pretty straightforward and easy to follow! Be sure to message me on Instagram with any questions, comments, or your results training your hair! I'll also be sharing stories explaining these steps and will be posting more hair stuff I do VERY SOON so keep on the look-out for that!

As always, thanks for your continued support!

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