A BIG question I always get asked is what hair products I use. I'm not gonna lie, I love my hair. I love that naturally I have beach waves that fit my personality and that most days I don't have to do anything to my hair. I'm not trying to boast, but sometimes I feel like we should share the things about ourselves that we love--not because we're trying to brag, but because too often I feel like we focus on the things we don't like.

My hair wasn't always a part of my that I loved. Growing up, it was pin straight. I never needed to blow dry it or straighten it for it to be straight, it just naturally was. The one good thing that came out of puberty (exaggerating a bit, obvs) is that my hair magically became very wavy. I'm not sure what caused this, but I'm not complaining. Basically since I was about 15, my hair has been wavy, and it gets wavier and wavier.

A couple weeks ago I was approached by the brand, Function of Beauty, to collaborate with them on Instagram. I was intrigued because I'm always down to try hair products--especially hair products that are specifically designed for YOUR hair! I agreed to collaborate and went ahead and took the online hair quiz and got my packaged shipped to me!

Some of my desires were curl definition, shine, strength, and hydration. (I can't remember the fifth one off the top of my head). I got to choose my colors and also the fragrance!

Lo and behold, this shampoo and conditioner has quickly become my fave. I used to dread hair wash days and prolong them as long as possible because I'm lazy, but now I'm obsessed with when the day to wash my hair arrives (I act like this is monumental apparently)!

I'm sharing this with you because it actually wasn't a requirement to share this brand on my blog for our contract. I honestly love their products so much!

If you want to take the hair quiz and get your own uniquely designed shampoo and conditioner, check out Function of Beauty!

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