Here’s a little snippet into my relationship—I suck at remembering the names of songs and the musicians who sing them. I especially suck with classic rock. Nobody hate me, but to me the majority of class rock bands sound very similar.

Kurtis LOVES classic rock and to him, the fact that I can’t tell ANY singer or band and their songs apart from another is taboo. He likes to play this game with me where he plays a song—most of the time it’s class rock since I struggle with that the most—and then he’ll ask me either the song name or who sings it. I am always wrong. It’s a fun little thing for us to do together.

Anyway, Kurtis is a huge classic rock fan as I said earlier. I’m not one to wear shorts for artists that I don’t really listen to, but he loves the style. When he found this Bodysuit from forever21 he did all his best to convince me to get it—obviously I caved.

Another fun fact about the behind the scenes of these photos is that I can't blow a bubble to save my life. I kept trying and trying and Kurtis thought it was sooooooo funny watching my attempt to blow a bubble. Eventually he had to blow the bubble for me to get the shots with me "blowing a bubble." There ya go, some fun BTS of this photoshoot.

Stay beautiful.

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