COMING AT YOU WITH A POST ABOUT MY FAVE NEW ROMPER!!! May or may not actually be wearing it rn as I type this post (definitely am wearing it). So, for one of my jobs I work at a clothing store called Heavenly Couture in Southern California. I've talked about them on Instagram a couple times now, and my FAVE thing about them is that EVERYTHING is $19.99 OR LESS! WHATTTTTT. Seriously super cute clothes for such AFFORDABLE prices! I walked into the store a couple weeks ago and saw that we had new inventory and immediately my eyes went to this romper. I've been really digging cooler toned colors and grays lately, and so definitely loved this the second I saw it.

I'm the kind of person that chooses comfort over anything any day. It's even more amazing to me when I find something SUPER comfy that is also SUPER CUTE. This romper is pretty baggy and makes me feel very free and comfortable while still being cute. I like that I can either wear it alone or pair it with a sweater or shirt underneath or with a cardigan or jacket over it. I can't even count how many times I've worn this romper since I bought it.

Heavenly Couture does have a website, however they don't have that many items on it currently. They also have quite a few locations so you can definitely search them to see if they have on near you.

Without further ado, photos of my new fave romper:

Thanks for reading!

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