Okay, you know those creepy horror movies or shows where there are like randomly girls/ghosts in white dresses that just stand there all creepy and you wish they would just NOT? Well, I'm bringing you those vibes today--on a way less creepy level, though.

Back in April, Kurtis and I drove up to Logan, Utah for his brother's wedding. On the way home, we wanted to explore quite a bit. One of the prettiest places to us is St. George, Utah. If I could live in St. George, I would. The desert is such a pretty place and the red rocks are gorgeous and it's just amazing there.

We pulled over because Kurtis is the best and most supportive boyfriend when it comes to my blog and Instagram is constantly thinking of content for me and honestly a lot of the time puts in a lot more thought in all this than I do--which may sound bad, but if I am constantly thinking and putting a lot of effort into my blog and Instagram, just imagine how much that means Kurtis puts in effort-wise in all this. He also takes basically 95% of all my photos. So, he's the best.

Anyway, so we were in St. George driving around and looking for the perfect red rock spot to take some pretty desert photos. Somehow we happened upon this park that is literally just that. I got in this pretty white dress from Posey and Pence and we took a bunch of magical desert sunset photos.

Feast your eyes on the beauty that is nature.

As always, thanks for reading! All the support I receive truly means so much!

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