Thank you for reading not only all my Hawaii posts, but any other posts you've read and for supporting me! It means so much!

On our last day, Kurtis and I woke up at 5am and drove back to Honolulu. We went to Pearl Harbor and spent about 3 hours there. If you ever go, just know that the average visitors need AT LEAST 5 hours to explore it all. The dock by the Arizona Memorial actually was broken so we couldn't actually physically go on it, but we did get to watch a short documentary about the attack on Pearl Harbor and drive around to see the memorials. They also have a couple museums and other things to look at which was awesome.

I have 3 ancestors that were there during the attack. All three were brothers and all three died. They were my grandma's cousins. I found one of their name's on one of the plaques for the Oklahoma memorial plaque, but couldn't find the two others. I think on was on the Arizona, but I wouldn't have been able to have seen his name since I couldn't get on the memorial, and the other was in the air force.

I LOVE history, so it was really amazing and humbling to visit such a historical place.



Gerald L. Clayton was one of my grandma's cousins on the Oklahoma that died during the attack.

Mahalo for reading and getting to see parts of my Hawaii adventures!

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