HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE!!! Honestly not actually one to celebrate a ton, but I thought I'd say it anyway to start the post. Today is Valentine's Day, also! AKA the CUTEST day of the year! I'm obsessed with cute things and a day dedicated to love is just the ultimate cute thing. I'm 22 today which is a bit weird. I feel like I'm still 12 ????? Super weird.

Okay, let me tell you all about this Valentine's photoshoot I did with my friend Elisha before I post the photos. Elisha and I have been friends on Instagram for MONTHS now--not even sure how long?? But a LONG time, like close to when I first launched my blog. The multiple times I've visited or lived in California, we've tried meeting up to do a photoshoot but without any luck. Like, I'm talking MULTIPLE times we've tried meeting up. I suck at texting though, so sorry it's taken so long Elisha. BUT! Now that Kurtis and I are living in California somewhat permanently (we literally don't know how long) and Elisha and her fiancé live here, we have plenty of chances to meet up!

Elisha is the kindest soul you'll ever meet. Seriously one of the greatest friends I've met over Instagram. I will never stop saying nice things about her. She once GAVE ME PRESETS. Like, I'm talking one day texted me out of the blue asking me for my email so she can send me a link to download and install someone's Lightroom presets as a gift because she is a treasure and has listened to my frustrations with editing more than anyone except probably Kurtis. So fist bump to you Elisha.

About a week and a half ago Elisha picked me up and we drove to the beach and just did the cutest Valentine's shoot for a few hours. I had bought a CUTE (please excuse my over-use of the word) heart print dress to go along with the theme of the shoot and Elisha bought a TON of heart balloons. We got to the beach a little earlier than expected so we just rolled with the bright lighting and Elisha being the talented human she is was able to make it work. The wind was also a little much, but I don't care cause Elisha managed to make me LOOK LIKE A MODEL.

I told you, never gonna stop saying nice things about her. Maybe I should retitle this post to "Ode to Elisha"? Hahaha. Be sure to check out her Instagram here!

Although I'd like to post all 140-something photos to this post, I chose just 14 because you're gonna see them all over Instagram over the next thousand years.

Okay, now I'll shut up so you can witness the magic of Elisha's photography. BTDUBS, these edits are with MY PRESETS! They've been a constant work in progress, but I love how they're turning out, so you get a real sneak peek at them! Links to my clothes will be after the photos.


DRESS: Forever21

SHOES: Converse

BRALETTE: Forever21

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