I've been such a slacker these last few weeks with posting. I got sick TWICE and wasn't very active on my blog or social media due to that and the holidays. On top of that, Kurtis and I moved to California. He no longer is working with his old job and I quit my online teaching job so both of us have been stressing to find work. Today though, he was hired at two different places so I think he'll be doing both jobs! I still have a writing job I do remotely, but it's been a little sporadic lately and your girl needs more of an income. Not to sound vain or anything, but my blog has also become quite a job for me--but one I LOVE! I've been working extra hard working with brands and companies and it's finally starting to (slowly, but surely) pay off! In the meantime, I am looking for some other kind of work. If you're in the Orange County, CA area and know of a place for me, hit me up. ;) Hahaha.

Anyway, that's a bit of an update for you. Since Kurtis and I aren't married ( YET ;) ), we can't live together in our own place. This is because we are LDS (Mormon) and we don't believe in cohabitating before marriage. We did get the "ok" for us to currently both live at my mom's house, but I have my own room and he shares with my brother. I don't think they mind though, since they have a bit of a bromance going on! We're both working extra hard with preparation to make some huge changes in our lives this year--we have LOTS of goals for 2018 and exciting things happening so living near each other and getting jobs with as much of a chance at getting an income as possible is needed! We're particularly wanting to travel a lot this year! First, we need to get Kurtis a passport, though. If only there was a discount code for one from the government! Haha! Those things cost a pretty penny and we have bills to pay. Obviously, it's worth it, though.

It's been pretty chill living here in California again for the most part--Kurtis is wanting to get into surfing SO BAD! I think we'll be getting him a board and wet suit. He and I also have lots of exploring around here we want to do. I just love this state. It's home and makes me happy.

That's a little update for you!

ALSO! How CUTE is this dress?! This was my graduation dress and I'm not sure if I ever shared the details for it with all of you! The shoes I also wore for graduation and I just love them with the dress! I wore them for date night with Kurtis for our 19 month anniversary. We just went to dinner and relaxed eating ice cream and watching a movie at home. We're learning to be very frugal while we save up our money! In some ways I feel like saving money is super easy, yet super hard when you want to do things with the one you love! For the most part, Kurtis and I are very good at paying our bills on time and saving up, but it's difficult when we just want to go out and do things with each other but can't spend the money because we'd rather save it. It's definitely teaching us patience and being better at prioritizing!

Hahaha wow this has become such a weird post all about how Kurtis and I are learning how to "adult."

The outfit details are below the photos, but fair warning, I couldn't find them online anymore from the places I bought them and couldn't really find anything similar! I still decided to tell you all where from in case you want to shop the stores I got them from or sometime in the future they restock these items!

THANKS FOR READING! I've got so much in store for you all this year and I am SO EXCITED to share them with you! I truly appreciate everyone that reads, shares, follows, etc.!


DRESS: Böhme Boutique

SHOES: Blush and Brûlée

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