IT'S ALMOST THANKSGIVING! Hey everyone! Today I'm coming at you with my Christmas wishlist! I'm back home in California and brought Kurtis with me! I'm so excited to be home for a few days and get to see family--especially my brother and his family who I haven't seen in 3 years! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I'm just so excited to celebrate it tomorrow!


Of course with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday! Kurtis and I are going to go shopping after dinner Thursday night since things kind of die down at my house after we eat (mostly because some of us try to get our Christmas shopping done during Black Friday and stores open their sales Thursday night), so I think we're planning on hopefully getting a lot of shopping (and especially Christmas shopping) done! 


I thought that since Thanksgiving and Black Friday kind of kick off my holiday shopping season, I'd share my Christmas wishlist in time for them! Kurtis already knows everything I want--but I thought (and a lot of you requested it) I'd share with you my list! I don't want a whole lot this year, and honestly can go without all T H R E E of the things on my list, but just in case Kurtis needed a little help ;) or any of you wanted ideas, I've shared them here in this post along with a little explanation on why I want them. Truly, if I don't get any of them it's not a big deal since I'm planning on saving up and buying these things for myself anyway. Plus, I know that Kurtis or whoever else will pick anything I like! I know I'm mentioning Kurtis a lot with these gifts.. but really, he's the one that this is really meant for, haha! But Kurtis is THE BEST with gift giving. Not only with gifts but in a lot of the things he does like date planning, etc., he's INCREDIBLY thoughtful and great at planning. Seriously, he's so creative! He thinks of things that myself or anyone I know wouldn't even think of! So I know I'm gonna love whatever he--or anyone else--gets me. It honestly just makes me so happy to just know that people thought of me and wanted to do something for me! I seriously cry over everything and just the kindness people give and especially acts of service make me bawl. That's the way to my heart. 


Like I said, I'm sharing my wishlist with you and talking a little about why I want them and where you can get them in case any of you want to buy them for yourselves or someone you love or whatever!


Without further ado, my Christmas wishlist:



1. Daisy Eau So Fresh Gift Set: I HAVE BEEN IN LOVE WITH THIS PERFUME SINCE I WAS 15!!! Seriously, I love this! I've never owned it, though, and it's the NUMBER ONE thing I want this year! If I just get this I will be the happiest girl in the world. I can't explain my love for it. It's one of those things that I never think to actually just buy for myself, but I've wanted this for 6 years and hopefully this year I'll finally get it! The one I have linked is from Ulta.


2. Canon G7X Mark II: Part of the reason I've held off on vlogging for now is because I'm huge on QUALITY and all I have to film for now is my phone and the microphone on iPhones isn't the best for making videos. I'll definitely still try to film videos on my phone for now because I have had people tell me they REALLY want to see vlogs, even if the quality isn't the best, but once I get this you can bet I'll be vlogging ALL. THE. TIME. This is definitely one of those splurge items, and even though this is on my wishlist, if I don't get it I was planning on saving up and buying it myself so not a huge deal, BUT STILL. This camera is what a lot of your favorite YouTubers use for vlogging and it's just nice. It's just simple and works great! The one I have linked is actually a bundle with some camera accessories on Amazon. 


3. Urban Outfitters: No, I don't want the whole store (although I want practically everything in it!). This has become mine and Kurtis's recent retail obsession and honestly a gift card, socks, a blanket, clothes, WHATEVER, from here would have me SO STOKED. 


There are some other things I'd probably like but I honestly can't think of any. Again, those who would be getting me gifts know what I like so I'm sure whatever I get this holiday season I'll be a happy camper.


ONE IMPORTANT THING THOUGH! Although gifts are nice and fun to get--especially when it's things that you would never spend the money getting yourself for whatever reason--but one thing that always tugs at my heartstrings is SERVICE! Seriously it makes me cry like a baby and is one of the BEST things I can get from anyone. When people go out of their way to help me out and make my life easier it means so much. Like I've said a billion times, I'm pretty much stressed 24/7 and when someone helps lessen that stress it's just the greatest!


There you have it! My Christmas wishlist! 


Thank you all for reading! 




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