Back at you again with photos from the creative retreat to Jackson Hole, Wyoming I went on a few weeks ago! Just wanted to share some photos from the AMAZING photographers that took pictures! Seriously they made me feel so good and comfortable and it really made the pictures come out so freaking BEAUTIFUL!

Here are the links to the photographers and creatives that went:

Me: @laurenanciaux

Elsa Bowman: @elsabowman

Abigail Dayton: @abbyzabbs

Jane Williamson: @janeinsanestyle

Alysa Mae: @alysaxmae

Koryn Rice Photography: @korynricephoto

Krysta Sorg Photography: @krystasorgphoto

Allison Fuhriman Photography: @allisonfuhrimanphoto

Before I share the photos, just wanted to give you all an update! Kurtis and I are moving sometime next week! We're shooting for the first, but it might be later. We bought a car that we'll be using to drive to North Carolina with. The struggle to buy the car we wanted was SO REAL. So much searching and phone calls and exhaustion. Haha! We're SUPER EXCITED though! Kurtis is actually in Las Vegas right now for work until basically the day we move. He's also flying from Vegas to South Carolina to retrieve our car (only to drive it back to Idaho so we can drive it back to North Carolina). Crazy! So I'm just chilling all by my lonesome while he's gone. (Not really, I have friends).

ANYWAY! Here are the photos! I'm going to try to break it up by photographer.

Koryn Rice Photography:

Alysa Mae:

Allison Fuhriman Photography:

Krysta Sorg Photography:

AREN'T THESE PHOTOGRAPHERS MAGICAL?! I had tons of fun shooting with them! Check them out and thanks for reading!

<3 Always,


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