Hey everyone! So right now I am having a mini pamper night. Kurtis is at work and since I work in the early, EARLY mornings, that basically means I have the WHOLE day to do whatever I want a.k.a watch YouTube/Netflix. I like that my work hours are in the early mornings though, because I get SO MUCH done! Aside from the having to wake up part, I'm definitely a morning person. Which is funny, because I used to HATE mornings and I'd be up ALL NIGHT. My sleeping habits have definitely changed since being an "adult." Kurtis enjoys it, too, because it means I have a free schedule to help him out and make him his meals, which I've realized I actually LOVE doing!

Having basically the whole day to do stuff is also going to give me the time to put more effort into my blog and creating content. Seriously, writing and having my own blog and creating content for both it and Instagram bring me SO MUCH JOY! I get so excited when I get to sit down and write posts, edit photos, and email/DM with companies and other creators. It's just lots of fun. It also means so much to me when others enjoy my content because I do put a lot of effort into both my blog and Instagram.

Anyway, I currently have a hair mask in my hair because I'm trying to repair it/hydrate it. I've never done one of these so it's kinda fun! Kurtis and I went with his sister to a cosmetology store to buy a few products to use to make my hair feel BRAND NEW. I'll be making a post soon about all the products with reviews and my hair restoration progress, so be on the lookout for it!

Kurtis and I (especially Kurtis because he's the best) have also been making some investments to make my blog/Instagram content even greater. Seriously, I hit the jackpot with this man. He takes my content creating just as (if not, more, sometimes) importantly as I do. It's fun for both of us.

NOW, moving on to what this post is REALLY about... (Now that I've rambled for EVER).

I bought the CUTEST lemon skirt back in June and never got around to wearing it until recently. I like funky, eccentric clothing and am the kind of person that basically has no basics in their wardrobe, but this lemon skirt was a different kind of "eccentric" for me. I'm more casual and relaxed with my style for the most-part, but I love yellow (fave color) and I thought this skirt was the CUTEST and so I HAD to get it. This WHOLE outfit is actually from the SAME STORE. I've attached outfit details below the pictures. Because I bought all these pieces months ago, I'm not sure if they're still available. If they're not, I will attach some alternatives for you!



SHIRT: Böhme (Not online, but found something similar at Target!)

SKIRT: Böhme (Not online, but found something similar here, here, and here.)

SHOES: Böhme

Hope you all have a great rest of your week! Thanks for reading!

<3 Always,


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