I have always been an emotional person; however, I often keep my emotions on the inside. Most of the time, my very best friends and family don't know what I'm feeling or what my opinions are on lots of things. I'm just introverted in that way. I'm lucky that I have someone that I love so much that understands this and is there for me to express myself to when I want, but also knows what I'm feeling when I'm sitting quietly and blank-faced at nothing, (thanks Kurtis). Literally, I can cry at anything though; I cry because old people are the cutest, I cry having to say goodbye (or "see ya later," seriously hate goodbyes), I cry BUCKETS watching Christmas movies, seeing people be nice/do good things makes me cry, I especially cry seeing people alone (and knowing when people feel alone, I HATE when people are/feel alone), I also cry tons when I'm happy. I'm just a crier. I also am emotional in other ways too, like I get happy and excited over the littlest of things, like when Kurtis took me to Bear World to see bears because I LOVE BEARS AND BEARS ARE EVERYTHING. Thankfully, the only part of me that isn't too emotionally crazy is anger. I never really get angry and it takes a lot to annoy me, but anyone that knows me knows that ANYTHING that hurts anyone in my family is a BIG no no and they will feel my wrath.

Why am I talking about my feelings right now? Why am I so emotional right now? There's a lot of BIG steps and changes happening in my life right now that honestly scare me and are stirring up all sorts of emotions: excitement, giddyness, and curiosity, but also HUGE anxiety, stress, and sadness. I love change but I hate change at the same time. I don't even get myself sometimes.

I feel like this looks like a diary entry. Take it however you want. I love to write and having had written this post today has brought a little bit of peace, plus you got to know the inner-workings of my brain--fun, right?! I've decided to just share with you all some Pinterest quotes below, because who doesn't love Pinterest?! I hope that they speak to you just as they speak to me.

I know this was a bit of a different post than normal, but as always, thanks for reading!


<3 Always,


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