Zoella Beauty + Life Update

Another Zoella Beauty post for ya! I LOVED the items I received and wrote about in my last post, which you can find here. I was lucky enough to be reached out again to be asked to talk to you all about how ZOELLA BEAUTY IS NOW AVAILABLE AT ULTA! These products are ONLINE ONLY, but they're the greatest. The line currently available is Zoella's Sweet Inspirations line, and let me tell you, I love it more than the last few products I received! I got the Bath Latte, Body Cream, and Cosmetic Bag. The bath latte and body cream smell HEAVENLY. I'm crazy for the body cream especially. It smells like macarons. It makes me want to go to Paris. It smells of dreams. I seriously use this everyday and am already almost out--I'll definitely have to bulk up on the product! I'm super tempted to take a taste because it smells so yummy! I've honestly never been this crazy about the smell of a body cream before. I've also never really wanted to eat my body cream before... Haha! If you get the chance check out Zoella Beauty at Ulta.com!


I have SIX DAYS until I graduate! I have two exams tomorrow, for French and Macroeconomics. I'd really appreciate your prayers, good vibes, etc., sent my way so that I can do well on them! I'm a little worried about my Econ test because if I get a super low grade I basically will fail the class(and therefore won't graduate)--it's weighted so huge on my overall grade! Basically I need no lower than a 40%. You may think: "Then get better than a 40%." I intend to, and honestly I'd be quite disappointed in myself if I didn't get at least a C, but math also isn't my strong suit and my anxiety goes CRAZY during tests and I just go blank. This last Econ test has so much riding on it. SO, if y'all could send me your prayers and good vibes Thursday while I take my tests that'd be great!

Hope you all have a great week! By Saturday I'll be FREE of school and then it's on to graduation on Tuesday (as long as I don't screw up)! Thanks for reading!

<3 Always,


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