Sparkle Pants

Hellooooo everyone! It's been a little while. I've been super busy and life just keeps getting crazier! I'm graduating in a week and a half and couldn't be more stoked! It's become harder for me to balance a social life and school lately because I have so many assignments due before the semester ends. I also wanted to "unplug" for a little while to just enjoy the holiday weekend (and long weekend off of school) and also hang out with my friend, Kendall, who was visiting. I feel a bit "refreshed" after doing so, but can't promise it won't happen again in the future--especially in the remaining 10 days of the semester. School comes first for me but 10 days from now I'll be able to dedicate so much more time to my blog and Instagram!

Moving on to the whole reason of this post--SPARKLE. PANTS. I bought these pants off of an Instagram friend and have fallen IN LOVE with them! I wore them to a pre-Independence day celebration last week and got tons of compliments from so many random people! Even grown men were complimenting them--haha! These pants are from Windsor (no longer sold there) and they just make everything feel fun. You definitely won't go unnoticed when you're wearing these bad boys. They're actually leggings and have comfy legging material on the inside--so I don't get scratched on the inside of my pants because the sequins are only on the outside. I like that they're a legging material because it makes them tons comfier and I don't feel to constrained. I have this weird thing about me in the hot weather where if I'm wearing pants that feel too tight because the heat makes them stick to me, I freak out. I legit start feeling claustrophobic--except on my legs. Weird, right?

Anyway, I've attached photos and as always, outfit details are below them! Have a great weekend!



PANTS: Windsore

SHOES: Böhme

Thanks for reading!

<3 Always,


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