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Comin' at ya with another outfit post!

Hey guys! First off, thanks to all those that entered in my giveaway this last week--it was super fun for me to help coordinate! Many more to come and some in the near future so be sure to keep an eye on my social media so you can enter in the future!

ONLY THREE WEEKS LEFT OF SCHOOL. Technically, a little (little) less than that since I'm GRADUATING!!! Still not entirely set on future plans other than moving back to California (at least for now). Sucks because Kurtis and I will be doing long distance again this Fall, but I love him tons and it's all worth it. If anyone has any tips on long distance relationships send them my way in the comments! Kurtis and I did it for 3 months last Fall, but I've become even more attached and just love him to bits and it's gonna suck. Not gonna lie, I'll probably cry a bunch, especially when we're first separated. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Enough of that, this outfit is very easy and casual. It's also SUPER comfy and I love that I could just throw it together with such ease. It's super hot here so I'm loving that I can break out my shorts and tank tops. These shorts I bought from a boutique/store called Heavenly Couture that's by my house in California. I'm not sure if they have any locations other than the two that I know of by my house, but honestly with an outfit like this you can put whatever cute pair of short you have! I paired it with a simple white tank tops, my white platform sandals I ALWAYS wear, and this palm leaf print head scarf that came with a maxi dress of the same pattern from SheIn I got a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if it's meant to be worn as a head scarf, but it worked for me and probably would for you too. I'll link the maxi dress below the photos along with the other outfit details in case you're interested in buying it.


TOP: White Tank Top (You can find these pretty much anywhere)

BOTTOMS: Heavenly Couture


HEADSCARF: SheIn (the link to the maxi dress that this scarf comes with is here)

Thanks for reading! I really, really appreciate it!

<3 Always,


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