Yellow Dress

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a great week so far! Mine is super jam packed. I thought I had an easy week this week but I just looked at my schedule for classes and it's anything BUT easy. I have a history test this week, have to write part of my senior project paper, have a presentation in French next week that I have to prepare this week, I have an exam in French on Tuesday I just found out about that I need to study for, and an exam in Econ next week that I also have to study for. On top of that I still have a bunch of homework to do! Pray for me and send your positive vibes cause I need them!

Today I'm sharing with you this cute yellow dress and fun sandals! I got the dress from SheIn and the sandals from LuluBella Boutique. The dress is a little sheer so I have to wear a slip under it, but I still LOVE the color and the dress is super comfy! The details and links will be below the pictures!



SHOES: LuluBella Boutique

Hope you all have a great week and that if it's crazy like mine you get through it without a nervous breakdown!

Thanks for reading!

<3 Always,


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