Letter to My Momma

Dear Momma,

You are beautiful because:

  • You are strong.

  • You take any struggle or trial that comes your way and you handle it with such ferocity, strength, beauty, and grace.

  • Your laugh is contagious.

  • You brought children into this world and raised us with your unconditional and endless love.

  • You are always supportive.

  • You go out of your way to make my life easier and you will involve yourself in whatever struggles I may be going through so that my burden can be might light.

  • You radiate with the light of Christ.

  • You always put family first.

  • You open your arms, home, and heart to anyone without judgment, and somehow make-do and go above and beyond even when our capabilities seem minimum.

  • You've put your desires on hold so that I can receive mine countless times.

  • You give the best hugs.

  • You have the prettiest singing voice.

  • You raised me in The Church.

  • You exemplify to me the epitome of a strong and capable woman.

  • You are kind and loving.

  • You are intelligent and resourceful.

  • You are creative and analytical.

  • You are the best mother and friend.

  • You are one of my best friends.

  • You are my hero.

You are so beautiful, mom. You are the most important woman in my life and I am so grateful and love you immensely. You are an example to everyone around you and your countenance is so beautiful. You have such great integrity and are extremely charitable. I can never thank you enough for having me and raising me and for being my mom and being who you are as a person. The world truly is a better and brighter place with you in it. I admire you tons and love you without end.

<3 Always,


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