Sun Daze

Hello everyone! As you're reading this, it's Wednesday, but I'm writing on Sunday because it's spring break and I like to sleep in. I LOVE sun dresses--especially black ones. Maybe it's because of my black obsession. Kurtis wants me to stray from it and get other colors. I intend to every time I go shopping, but I still find myself gravitating to black clothing anyway and if it has floral on it too, I'm done. There's nothing else that can compete. I bought this cute sun dress, hat, and olive/moss colored heeled sandals all from the same store that I LOVE!

This outfit is so fun to wear and I just love it. I have to be honest, I didn't think I was a "hat person," but Kurtis's pressure and saying otherwise finally convinced me to buy one and I'm glad I did! The shoes are also SO COMFORTABLE! I pretty much never wear heeled anything because I can't be bothered to be stylish over comfortable, but I barely even realize I'm wearing heals when I have these shoes on!

Shoutout to Kurtis for being the best photographer and for being a bad/good influence on me in encouraging me to buy more clothes and accessories, especially clothes and accessories out of my comfort zone. Outfit details are below the pictures! Talk to you all soon!


DRESS: Böhme

SHOES: Böhme

HAT: Böhme

<3 Always,


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