Proverb Band

Proverb Band is a company that sells simple and cute jewelry and accessories with inspirational messages. They partnered up with The Younique Foundation to help victims of sexual abuse heal and reclaim hope. 1 in 4 women are sexually abused before they are 18. Proverb Band gives 20% of its sales to help sponsor victims of sexual abuse go through a week long healing retreat and they also give one bracelet to a survivor of sexual abuse for every bracelet they sell. This cause is one that is so close and important to me. 1 in 4 is such a difficult ration to comprehend when there are billions of women in the world. This cause is very personal to me and if you're looking for cute accessories that also go to a great cause, then definitely look into buying from Proverb Band! The two bracelets pictured below are the Infinity Bracelet in Gold and the Love Bracelet in Rose Gold. I thought it was appropriate that I get those two since I sign off from my posts using "<3 Always." ;)

I especially love that these accessories have such inspirational scriptures and messages engraved in each one and imprinted on each card you get with each accessory. Making the world a better place and spreading good messages and love is so important!

ALSO, if you choose to buy from Proverb Band, use promo code LAUREN for 20% off!

<3 Always,


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