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Hellooooo!!!! As you're reading this, I'm officially done with finals! I only have one more semester and then I graduate! I cannot wait, but I also definitely can. Oxymoron, I know. I want to graduate so bad and be done with school, but the future scares me, ya feel?!

ANYHOO, I received some makeup from POP Beauty a while back and am finally getting around to posting a review about the products I got. The rundown of my opinions on everything is at the bottom, after the pictures. Happy reading!

The first product I received from POP Beauty is the Velvet Powder Base. This product is a mattifying powder that is buildable to be worn as a powder foundation, if desired. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this product. At times I think it does look nice and work well as both a powder and a powder foundation, and other times I think it needs to just be a powder. To be honest, I think it depends on the condition my skin is in. This powder does mattify, but needs to be reapplied every few hours if you're oily like me.

The next product is the Kajal Pen in Bronze Bonanza. This is a creamy pencil eyeliner that is smudgeable. I like the color of this one when it's first applied, but when you smudge it the color dulls out. Another issue I have with this one is that it took a few strokes for me to get it on. I do like the color a lot though and love how it complements my eyes beautifully.

The next two products are lip products. To be honest, I am not a lip product person AT ALL. I think that my face is one that can't handle a ton of makeup, especially dramatic colors and looks, so if I choose to wear any lip products other than lip balm then they're nude colored or really pale pink. I especially don't like lip products that draw attention to the lips because my lips are a bit uneven--especially my top lip--and I just don't have the talent to take the time to overdraw or anything to make them look even and gorgeous.

HOWEVER, I received two lip products (as already mentioned), and decided to give them a go. The first lip product I received is the Matte Velvet Lipstick in Cozy Crimson. This is a pretty, vibrant red with hints of pink to it. I actually really liked this color but found the product didn't really mattify completely on me (perhaps because I always wore lip balm under it) and it also wears off easier than I'd like. Out of the two lip products I received though, I think I'll reach for this one more than the other, based on color alone.

The next lip product I received is the Perfect Pout Mattifying Lip Paint in Mauvelous Mauve. This is a liquid lipstick that does completely mattify and is mauve colored. I'm not a big fan of purple colors on me, especially if I'm super pale like right now, but I think that because this isn't too drastic of a purple lip that I might wear it every now and then when I'm feeling dramatic. THIS PRODUCT SMELLS SO GOOD! I can't put my finger on it, but it smelled like candy of some sort. It also doesn't budge. I tried so hard to wipe this off my lips with a napkin and my hand and it only came off when I used my makeup remover. So, it lasts. If you like liquid lipsticks then this product is one that is definitely for you!

If you're looking to expand your cosmetics collection then definitely look into getting a few items from POP Beauty! This brand is so fun and has pretty great quality products for very reasonable prices!

<3 Always,


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