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Happy Friday, friends! I cannot tell you how relieved I am that it's finally the weekend. I have one more week left in the semester and it couldn't end sooner! There's so much to do and so much homework, tests, projects, and studying to cram in it's driving me a little crazy!

One thing I like to do to relax is to have some pampering time all for myself. Zoe Sugg--otherwise known as Zoella on YouTube--created a beauty line a few years back that consists of all sorts of bath and body fun! For a while, it wasn't available in U.S. stores, but now IT'S AVAILABLE AT TARGET! I received some of the Zoella Beauty line and let me tell you, it's just as cute and bubbly and sweet as Zoe Sugg herself. For the amount of product you get in each piece of merchandise, the price is a STEAL! Zoe really hit the nail on the head with creating a line that is so fun, smells good, and that I enjoy using without causing it to break the bank. All of the items I received have Aloe, Vitamin E, and Shea Butter. Below the pictures is the product information, enjoy!

The first product from Zoella Beauty I received is the Soak Opera Bath and Shower Cream. I use this pretty much every day. This is a super moisturizing, floral scented bath and shower gel that I am IN LOVE with. Putting it in the bath to create bubbles or on my loofa to scrub all over my body feels like a treat when I use this!

The second item is the Scooper Dooper Foaming Bath Soak. This is a floral scented mousse that you scoop up out of the tub and you run under your bath water to create a bubble bath. I really feel like a 5-year-old when I scoop this up and put it under my bath water and watch the bubbles grow. It's pretty amusing.

The final item I received is the Wondrous Whip Lightly Whipped Body Cream. Like the other items I received, this is floral scented. I feel so moisturized after rubbing this all over my body! My skin feels so soft after using this and a little also goes a long way with this product, which I LOVE.

One other thing I love about these items is that they don't have an overpowering smell. If you have more of a sensitive nose or don't like overpowering bath gels and lotions then these products are for you! I like my shower gels and lotions to be somewhat subtle for the most-part so that when I put on body spray or perfume the smells don't mix too much and cause me to smell like the fragrance section of a department store.

There you have it! If you get a chance, grab some items from the Zoella Beauty line at Target! Happy weekend everyone!

<3 Always,


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