I received a package earlier this week full of items to have and review. One of those items is from C2 California Clean (@c2caliclean on Instagram). This is a skincare company from California and is a women-owned business that uses natural ingredients. The item I received is the Citrus Stem Cell Intense Moisture Lock Crème. The description on the website says:

"A regenerative anti-wrinkle moisturizing creme with advanced botanical stem cells. Crucial skin functions, like collagen production, melanin regulation and hydration are controlled by specific genes. As we age, these genes become less active. Skin cell turnover slows down and moisture is lost, causing skin to wrinkle, form dark spots, and lose its vitality.

Our plant based Citrus Stem Stem Cell Moisturizer uses the highest concentrations of world-renowned ingredients to provide superior anti-aging results. Plant stem cells, peptides and other bio-active deliver anti-oxidant properties and improve the skin’s complexion, elasticity, texture and smooth wrinkles."

I cannot express to you how in just a few days I've fallen in love with this product. Pretty much all of their products have such highly positive reviews, and this one is no exception. My skin has suffered from a bit of an uneven complexion (mainly due to hyperpigmentation from acne), and this product is one that I've added to my regimen to help combat it (and it's improved TONS--post in the future about my skin story) as well as help with my skin's elasticity.

I've also noticed how smooth my skin feels immediately after putting on this crème. The other day after having had just put it on my boyfriend felt my cheek and commented on how smooth it felt.

Basically, I love this product and I want more!

<3 Always,


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