Bangin' Bronzers

I don't know about you, but I love a sun-kissed face! Of course, nothing beats a natural tan or color from the sun after some time spent outside (especially at the beach!), but when you don't have the time or luxury of being outside and in the sun often (always wear sunscreen when you are, btw) or if you're just naturally very pale, there's always bronzer! I love bronzer. It's one of my must-have make-up products to use whenever I put on make-up. One of my favorite things to use it for other than bronzing and contouring my skin is to put it in the crease of my eyelid and along the lower lash line to add some dimension to my eyes. It also helps bring out your eyes more (especially if you have blue eyes like me). In this post I've included my 3 favorite bronzers:

1. My all-time favorite bronzer is the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics. It's pretty much my favorite shade for when I'm pale and when I have a tan. Somehow it just matches well with many different skin tones and is just so beautiful. It's a matte bronzer--which are my preferred kind--and it can be used to contour with and just to swipe on a little bronze to your face to liven it up a bit. To be honest, I love pretty much all of the boxed powders by Benefit that I've owned. The quality of them is super nice, the pigmentation is phenomenal, and the product lasts FOREVER.

2. Another bronzer I love is the Too Face Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. This bronzer is also matte and it comes in different shades to match different skin tones. I LOVE THE SMELL. If you like chocolate, you will too; if not, then plug your nose when you use it because it's still a worthwhile buy, in my opinion. This bronzer goes on so smoothly and blends so beautifully into your skin. I don't think it's ideal if you want a bronzer that you can contour and add a simple color to your face with, though. I don't think it has the ability to be dramatic enough to use as a contour powder. However, it might work as a contour powder if you go a shade darker than your normal bronzer shade. This product is just so beautiful and stays on forever.

3. The Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer is a great drugstore bronzer. It only comes in one shade, and I don't think it's ideal for contouring. This one also smells pretty good. I'm not the best at describing smells, but it reminds me of the smell of tanning lotion with a coconut, butter, and cocoa-esque twist. This bronzer is mainly matte but does have a slight shimmer to it. If you have dry skin, it won't make your skin look dryer. It's meant to "seal in moisture" and also has fatty acids and pro-vitamins that soften, condition, and moisturize your skin. It has good pigmentation, applies easily, and looks natural, but sometimes I feel depending on how oily my skin is, it can wear off sooner than the Benefit and Too Faced bronzers. It is my preferred drugstore bronzer, though, and I wear this one more on a day-to-day basis compared to the other two bronzers.

There you have it! My top 3 bangin' bronzers.

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