Ready to step up your photo game?

Here is where you can look at some before and afters, read a little about each preset, and purchase them!​ These presets are the original 7 I made and have been using for my feed and a select few friends and family members as well. Now, I'm opening them up to everyone! Much like my feed, these presets are very warm, soft, with some pastel sunshine vibes. I've given a little variety towards color and each preset is one click! Some photos may need additional tweaking to meet your desires or to adjust to different photography and light settings, but these presets are designed to be super easy to use! They especially work well on photos taken in very harsh light and will just need the exposure brought down. So now, you don't have to be afraid of the sun when you take photos!

Some info about my presets:

7 presets:

-first blush lo

-first light lo

-nightfall lo

-daybreak lo

-sunshine lo

-golden hour lo

-golden hour lo faded


Presets come in either a pack of all 7 presets for $40, or you can buy First Light Lo, First Blush Lo, or Golden Hour Lo for $15 each. The other remaining 4 presets are available in the Sunshine Pack ONLY!

these presets are meant to be used with raw, cr2 files but can be used with jpeg and iphone photos with just a bit more editing. for now the presets are only for lightroom desktop! it is also helpful to have a little experience using lightroom!


the sunshine pack contains 7 of my original presets for $40. this means that each preset is only $5.72! and then they're yours to keep forever!


be sure to send me your photos and use #loanciaux so I can see your photos!


once you purchase the pack, you should receive an email form GUMROAD containing the preset pack. you will have 24 hours to download and install the pack. 


to install your presets:

-download the presets zip file to your computer. from your downloads, open up the zip file by simply double clicking it. you should now see each preset.

-open lightroom and click on “lightroom” (on mac) or “edit” (on pc) at the top left

-click on “preferences” and then click on “presets” tab. make sure “store presets with this catalog is unchecked.”

-click on “show lightroom presets folder.”

-in the lightroom presets folder, open/double click “lightroom” folder and then open the “develop presets” folder.

-copy and paste or simply drag the presets from the zip file into your downloaded presets into the develop presets folder that you have open.

-that’s it! close and re-open lightroom and your presets will be imported and ready to use!

directions, info, and all other information can also be found on the "presets" tab on my blog!




***All sales are final. There are no refunds, exchanges or returns. Unauthorized distribution of LO ANCIAUX presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.***


If you have any issues, be sure to email me at!

 <3 Always,


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